September 3, 2020 Pakistan Agriculture

PAVE Pakistan shared value case study

PAVE ran skills training for smallholder farmers in Sheikhupura and Gujarnwala districts in Punjab.  

How can  businesses deliver development impact through their core business operations? This shared value case study from PAVE Pakistan outlines the social and business outcomes achieved through its BPP partnership.  The partnership with MEDA and Engro Corporation increased the participation of male and female smallholder farmers in the Sheikhupura and Gujranwala districts in Punjab in the seed value chain.

In Pakistan, working with individual smallholders’ farms is not financially viable for many commercial businesses due to high logistical costs. To overcome this issue, smallholders under PAVE have been aggregated into Learning Alliances and seed supplier groups of 20-30 farmers. As a result, they have been transformed into economically feasible (workable) units for Engro to procure and convenient spots for government inspection institution (FSCRD – Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department).

PAVE found that small scale farmers can be the best partners in terms of their loyalty and high level of field presence and the use of anchor farmers, relatively big landlords, was beneficial to the project as they have the space to host community meetings. These farmers are not direct beneficiaries of the project, but they are instrumental in spreading project information to the wider community.

Read more insights and results in the PAVE Project Case Study.


Engro Foundation

Engro Foundation is the social investment arm of Engro Foods, established in 2009. Business inclusiveness is at the heart of Engro’s social impact strategy as the company looks to integrate the underprivileged, youth and women into its value chains. Inclusive business drives the company’s commitments towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates)

For 60 years, MEDA has implemented market-driven initiatives in the developing world. MEDA focuses on market systems development, inclusive financial services, and investment-led programming. MEDA has a strong history in agriculture, building and strengthening the business foundations and commercial relationships smallholder farmers need to improve their livelihoods.

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