May 4, 2021

A technology start-up in Vietnam equips its staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to protect children

The need to protect children is an issue for all communities, including the private sector.

In Vietnam, technology start-up JupViec, in a partnership with LienVietPostBank, CARE and the Australian Government is training its workforce to prevent, recognise and report abuse.

JupViec works with thousands of house cleaners, mostly migrant women, to provide their on-demand cleaning services through JupViec app. The partners are collaborating to upgrade the app to provide workers with dignified work opportunities and access to financial services.

Everyday, JupViec’s cleaners work in the homes of customers, many of whom are with children. Understanding what abuse is can help workers to prevent it, protect their own children, their customer’s children and their jobs.

The training takes real life examples to explain what abuse is and provides practical tips to help prevent abuse specific to the context of JupViec’s services, for example:

“As a house cleaner, when you are in someone else’s house you must organise your work to minimise risks: put your tools out of reach of children, never hit or scold children, avoid being alone with children and don’t accept tasks outside your scope of work, especially looking after children.”

And what to do if you see abuse:

“Intervene to ensure the child is safe. Call the [Government of Vietnam’s] hotline and talk to your supervisor.”

Action to prevent abuse can be considered through a commercial lens and for JupViec, the training is part of its responsible business practices. Child protection is a risk management strategy, provides a social license to operate and can also attract and retain staff to the business.

The Business Partnerships Platform works with each of its partners to understand the role they can play in preventing, detecting and reporting abuse – recognising that protecting children is everyone’s business and that it also can contribute to creating a better business. JupViec’s training module on child protection was developed with the technical support from CARE.

If you’d like to know more about JupViec’s work putting child protection principles into practice watch here:

For more on the partnership visit here.


Jup Viec

JupViec is a market leading technology-based job matching service that easily and quickly connects workers and customers via a mobile app and website.


CARE is a non-profit international development organization dedicated to ending poverty and achieving social justice.

Lien Viet Post Bank

Lien Viet Post Bank is the largest commercial bank in terms of network in Vietnam. The bank’s vision is to become a leading retail and universal bank that services the mass market.

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