March 25, 2021

Section 8: How to report on your partnership

A guide to reporting on your initiative.

Six monthly reports

We ask you to submit a narrative and financial report every six months. 

The report is submitted through our online reporting portal, SmartyGrants. The portal provides more detailed instructions on how to fill out the report – in essence, we are asking you to present progress and challenges.

The financial report includes expenditure against budget and reallocations where applicable.

In the final year of the partnership there is also an opportunity to conduct an Impact Study, we can work with you to complete this.

End of contract report

At the conclusion of the partnership we ask for a final report.

End of contract reporting requirements are outlined in Annex E of the contract. The report is submitted through the SmartyGrants portal.

Quarterly check-ins

An informal catch-up. An opportunity to discuss implementation progress, ways of working, risks and challenges, requests for BPP services and support.

The BPP team will contact you regarding setting up these calls.

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