Latest News November 21, 2023

Four new BPP Climate Adaptation Partnerships launched in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta

BPP is delighted to launch four BPP Climate Adaptation Partnerships, including a Women’s Agribusiness Climate Adaptation Accelerator, in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta to tackle climate adaptation and improve outcomes for local communities, particularly for women.

The Partnerships aim to support efforts by Vietnam and Australia to tackle the challenges of climate change by trialling new models and technologies for climate adaptation, or scale proven methods, while delivering important social, gender equality, and development benefits for Mekong communities.

The partnerships include:

Scaling climate resilient mangrove shrimp farming in the Mekong Delta

Partnership between Symmetry, Southern Shrimp JSC, Vietnam Sustainable Shrimp Alliance and the Australian government to train smallholder farmers in climate resilient farming techniques that will improve the shrimp supply chain while also enhancing the mangrove landscape in the Mekong Delta.

Creating sustainable livelihoods through climate-adaptive crops

Partnership between Mekong Conservancy Foundation, Vietnam Housewares Corporation and the Australian government that creates new economic value for local community members in the Mekong Delta by transforming climate-affected rice farms into the more sustainable bulrush crops.

Weather-proofing agriculture through parametric insurance

Partnership between Hillridge, MSIG Insurance and the Australian government to design tailored and affordable parametric insurance that supports agricultural producers in the Mekong Delta to weather the region’s unique climate risks.

Women’s Agribusiness Climate Adaptation Accelerator

Partnership between New Energy Nexus Vietnam and the Australian government supporting women-led enterprises adapt to climate change and deliver greater income earning opportunities or other benefits for women in the Mekong Delta.

The BPP has now created 16 business partnerships in Vietnam, including one accelerator, since the program began in 2016, with seven in the Mekong Delta.

Today’s announcement follows a call for Climate Adaptation Partnerships in the Mekong Delta between March and April 2023.

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