Deltaccelerate: Women’s Agribusiness Climate Adaptation Accelerator

Deltaccelerate: Women’s Agribusiness Climate Adaptation Accelerator

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$ 250,000

DFAT contribution

$ 550,000

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Total Value

$ 800,000

Start: November 2023 - End: November 2025


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New Energy Nexus

New Energy Nexus is an international non-profit that supports clean energy entrepreneurs with funds, accelerators, and networks.

About this partnership

A partnership to support women-led enterprises adapt to climate change and deliver greater income earning opportunities or other benefits for women in the Mekong Delta.


Climate change in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, such as rising sea levels, increased salinity, floods, and droughts, cause considerable challenges to the daily lives and livelihoods of women.

Rising sea levels have led to the encroachment of saltwater into freshwater systems, resulting in saline intrusion. This affects the availability of clean water for domestic use and agricultural activities, making it harder for women to meet their basic needs and maintain their households. Moreover, increased salinity jeopardizes crop productivity, impacting women farmers who rely on agriculture for income and sustenance.

Frequent floods and droughts further exacerbate the situation, causing damage to infrastructure, crops, and livestock, leading to economic losses and food insecurity. These climate-related adversities also pose risks to women’s physical safety and health, as they may have to travel longer distances to access water or face exposure to waterborne diseases.

Consequently, women in the Mekong Delta must grapple with the compounding effects of climate change, requiring targeted support and initiatives to build resilience and improve their adaptive capacity in the face of these ongoing challenges.

In addition, the gender gap also hampers women from accessing vital agricultural and climate adaptation training and support. Limited opportunities and social norms create barriers, preventing women from acquiring necessary skills for farming and climate resilience. This exclusion perpetuates disparities and hinders women’s full participation. Insufficient support further compounds challenges, limiting innovation, financing, and business growth.

Amidst these challenges, there is a noteworthy presence of women-led businesses in the region that exhibit a strong entrepreneurial spirit. These businesses are actively addressing climate-related issues and creating value-added products, generating employment opportunities for women.

About the initiative

Deltaccelerate is a Women’s Agribusiness Climate Adaptation Accelerator designed to provide customised training and support services specifically tailored to women-focused small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Deltaccelerate’s training courses are demand-driven, ensuring they align with the busy schedules of women entrepreneurs and are delivered in formats that suit their learning preferences. In addition to training, the accelerator offers mentorship, access to finance, the potential for small grants and networking opportunities, all of which contribute to empowering women in business in the Mekong Delta region.

By bridging the gender gap and providing targeted support, the accelerator seeks to enhance the resilience and success of women entrepreneurs in the face of climate change challenges.

Find out more about Deltaccelerate here.

This partnership is supported through the BPP’s Vietnam Call for Climate Adaptation Partnerships in the Mekong Delta


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