The need to protect children is an issue for all communities, including the private sector.

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Responding to COVID-19

The BPP is assisting Australian and overseas organisations to invest in new business opportunities that support economic recovery and deliver on social and commercial outcomes. By working in partnership, we can better understand and meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Our Reach

The BPP has created 33 partnerships over three funding rounds and one funding window.
The BPP is partnering with 73 organisations across the private sector, social business, NGOs and academic institutions.
The BPP partners in 16 countries across Asia, Africa and the Pacific.
The BPP encompasses five sectors including Agriculture, Resources and Clean Energy, Tourism, ICT and Financial Inclusion, Education and Health.

Achieving shared priorities

We support partnerships between the Australian Government and inclusive businesses to create
both development impacts and sustainable commercial returns through core business operations.

Our partnerships support businesses that create sustainable impact by:

Products and Service

Creating new products and services to improve lives.

Improving productivity

Improving the productivity, inclusivity, or sustainability of value chains.

Supporting the expansion

Supporting the expansion of inclusive business practices.


One of the reasons Intrepid committed to the BPP partnership in Myanmar with AVI is that it is more than just philanthropy; it takes a true shared value approach to economic empowerment.

- Robyn Nixon
General Manager, The Intrepid Foundation

DFAT can help us to build networks and opportunities. It can provide links into the Indian government as well as connections to Australian companies working in India. We’ll be looking to leverage that to benefit those that need it the most.

- Alexie Seller
Co-Founder and CEO, Pollinate Energy

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