May 26, 2021

Section 1: A Guide to Getting Started

Notification of selection

Notification of selection Notes

Letter of outcome: A formal notification of successful outcome signed by DFAT.

Non-disclosure letter: A non-disclosure letter from DFAT to assure your business plan will be treated confidentially.

Introductory phone call: The BPP team will schedule a brief phone call to introduce the team and provide an outline of further steps to progress your BPP initiative. This will include:

Ø  Update on logistics and next steps

Ø  Discussion of timeline and mutually available options

Ø  Discussion of DFAT selection panel feedback, with particular focus on any issues that need to be addressed in the business plan, budget or work plan.

Ø  Clarification of partners to inform due diligence approach, identification of contracting partner and participation in various meetings

Key documents / links 

To be sent by the BPP team following the call:

Collaborative Finance Agreement (CFA) template

Indicative timeline for the kick-off phase, including provisional workshop dates

Summary of Selection Panel feedback to be addressed (if applicable)


Due diligence

Due Diligence Notes

DFAT conducts due diligence on all prospective partners prior to entering into an agreement or funding arrangement. Due diligence assessments are designed to highlight and mitigate potential fiduciary, safeguarding and reputational risks that may arise from the initiative. It will consider the following areas:

Ø  Organisational capacity

Ø  Risk management capacity

Ø  Safeguards management, and

Ø  Policy compatibility.

Due diligence assessments will be conducted on every partner who has not recently  undergone a DFAT due diligence assessment.

Please ensure that all partners required as per conversation with the BPP team complete the form by following the SmartyGrants link. Partners who do not currently have a SmartyGrants form will need to create a new account.

DFAT has a zero-tolerance approach to fraud, corruption, child exploitation and abuse. These risks are carefully considered to ensure that Australian taxpayer funds are not used for fraudulent activities, and children are protected from exploitation and abuse in the delivery of Australia’s overseas aid program.

Initial due diligence information should be submitted by the date requested and before the  Ways of Working discussion. Due diligence must be finalised in advance of the signing of the Collaborative Financing Agreement (CFA).

Key documents / links 

Lead partner to ensure all partners have the forms.

All partners will need to:

•        Access the SmartyGrants form via this link

•        Complete the form and upload relevant policies or documentation

•        Sign and upload Due diligence Fraud & anti-corruption acknowledgement

•        Sign the DFAT Due Diligence Child Protection Policy Professional Behaviours form

•        Respond to follow-up questions from the BPP team.

Submission of available responses and documents is due no later than [date]. Please submit by this date even if some information is incomplete.

Impact measurement and learning

Impact Measurement and Learning

(2 x 1-2hr sessions depending on complexity/# of participants)


The Impact Measurement System (IMS) provides a common platform for the BPP team and partners to track progress towards achieving the planned outcomes identified in your business plan. It is a tool to support impact analysis and learning.

Completion of the content requirements in the IMS will produce your Impact Measurement Plan, which needs to be completed prior to your first disbursement.

Partners will receive a link to guidance and an IMS video introduction to watch in advance of the coaching sessions.

Partners will receive two remote coaching sessions (2 x 1-2hr):

– The first session will focus on validating your Impact Model in the IMS.   BPP team will prepopulate  partner’s Impact Model in the IMS based on your submitted proposal / business plan. Partners prepare for this coaching session by viewing intro video and verifying their Impact Model in the IMS. Any adjustments will be finalised during the coaching session.

– The second session will focus on supporting partners to complete the Impact Measurement Plan. Partners will prepare for this coaching session by reviewing the user guide for the Measurement Impact Plan and reviewing in the IMS.

Any outstanding content needs to be completed in the IMS prior to your first disbursement.

Key documents / links 

Introducing the BPP Impact Measurement System – Guide for Partners (including Video Intro)

BPP team to send URL and login details to IMS to partners


Follow up tech support, as required, via:

BPP IMS Live Chat (Go to Manage Account à Help Centre)

Ways of working discussions

Ways of Working Discussions

(2 x 4hrs unless otherwise agreed)


The partnering discussions will bring together all partners (including DFAT) involved in the BPP initiative. Partners will discuss and confirm the Initiative objectives, priorities, and partnership roles and contributions. These workshops will be held over Zoom and remotely facilitated by a Partnership Broker unless otherwise agreed.

The Partnership Broker will reach out in advance for a brief call with each individual partner in advance of the sessions. These calls will help them best structure the workshops to ensure individual and joint objectives are met.

Key documents / links 

A Ways of Working (WoW) document will be drafted by the Partnership Broker reflecting partner discussions and agreements in these sessions. This document will be circulated for review, input and signature by all partners.



Contracting Notes

One contracting partner will enter into a Collaborative Financing Agreement (CFA) with Palladium (DFAT’s BPP Fund Manager). The BPP Initiative partner organisations can propose who will be the contracting partner, although this may shift based on regulatory restrictions or issues that arise during due diligence.

A blank contract template will be shared with partner organisations for review.  The grants manager from Palladium will work with you to discuss proposed payment amounts and milestones and answer any questions on the template. Detailed budgets and business plans may be updated at this stage to reflect any adaptations needed.

Due diligence must be completed prior to signing a CFA. Please note minor conditions and risk mitigants may be incorporated into the CFA as special conditions or in the milestone table. Severe risks and/or unresolved concerns raised may prevent the BPP initiative from proceeding.

Key documents / links 

Collaborative Financing Agreement (CFA)

The detailed budget, business plan and work plan will be attached to the CFA. These documents will need to be updated if there have been changes since the application was submitted.

First disbursements

First Disbursements Notes

The first milestone payment is usually disbursed 1-3 weeks after the CFA is signed. To receive disbursement of the first milestone payment the contracting partner needs to submit a disbursement request invoice.

Prior to first disbursement approval, the following must be complete:

Ø  CFA signed

Ø  WoW document agreed and signed by all partners

Ø  Completed initial IMS Plan with initial targets and indicators

Ø  If applicable, other supporting documents.

Key documents / links 

Partners submit an invoice (format provided by Palladium)

Partnership announcement


Partnership Announcement  Notes

Please hold off all communications about the partnership until the Australian Government has made the announcement.

To help us prepare for the announcement you will be sent a request to submit your company logo, photos and key contact for communications via SmartyGrants.

As per the BPP’s communications guidelines, we will share all draft content with you for approval before publishing.

Once a date has been set for the announcement, we will let you know and provide you with a social media package to share, should it suit.


Key documents / links 

BPP’s communications guidelines

SmartyGrants Initial Communications Form

Contact the BPP team at with any questions or for more information.  

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