January 28, 2020

BPP Panel at the 2020 Australasian AID Conference

“Partnering with business for the Sustainable Development Goals”

Join us for the Business Partnerships Platform panel discussion at the 2020 Australasian Aid Conference:

Wednesday 19th February, 8.00am-9.30am
Brindabella Theatre, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Panel overview

Developing countries face an annual gap of $2.5 trillion to meet the SDGs. Multi-stakeholder partnerships between government, the private sector and NGOs play an important role in closing the gap to achieve the SDGs.

Under the Business Partnerships Platform initiative DFAT has partnered with 73 organisations across 16 countries to achieve commercial returns while delivering sustainable development and social impact.

Partnerships profiled in the panel:

In Samoa, DFAT has partnered with Fairtrade ANZ, Samoan manufacturer Krissy Co. and the Savai’i Coconut Farmers Association to improve access to markets for smallholder coconut farmers by scaling up production and expanding the supply of Samoan Fairtrade organic coconut products.

In India, DFAT has partnered with Village Energy and Rural Development Trust to improve access to reliable electricity for communities in Andhra Pradesh by connecting each household to a software platform that will manage a microgrid, improving the reliability of the electricity supply, and reducing the cost of electricity production and distribution.

The panel of four partners from two partnerships will share lessons from the program by exploring: success and failure factors; how NGOs, private sector and donors can enhance their value propositions; and effective collaboration approaches.


  • Ariane Gauchat, Team Leader, Business Partnerships Platform (Palladium)


About the Conference

The aim of the 2020 Australasian AID Conference is to bring together researchers from across Australia, the Pacific, Asia and beyond who are working on aid and international development policy (the AID in the conference acronym) to share insights, promote collaboration, and help develop the research community. With more than 600 people registering in 2019, the AAC has established itself as Australia’s premier aid and development conference.

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