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November 15, 2021

Webinar Three: Materiality

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Thanks for joining us for the third session of the Strategies for Sustainability training series. In this event, we will introduce the concept of materiality and run a practical exercise looking at what matters for your business.


The session will be repeated to suit global time zones.

January 25 – 11 am (AEDT) Session:
January 27 – 5 pm (AEDT) Session:


Webinar 3 – 90 minutes

  • Materiality
    • Webinar information provision
    • What is materiality?
  • How to work it out for your business
    • Workshop/template completion activity (using Miro or similar)
    • Key impacts of your business on stakeholders
    • What matters are important for your business?

Additional Resources

Please use this template in preparation of your coaching sessions: Templates

Webinar Recording

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