Redefining markets for female poultry farmers in rural Madhya Pradesh

Redefining markets for female poultry farmers in rural Madhya Pradesh

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$ 877,401

DFAT contribution

$ 500,000

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$ 1,377,401

Start: October 2018 - End: May 2022


The Madhya Pradesh Women Poultry Producer Company (MPWPCL)

The MPWPCL is a federation of ten poultry producer cooperatives comprising of more than 5,000 women members from low-income tribal communities in Madhya Pradesh. The MPWPCL provides services including production support, inputs, advisory services and marketing for its members, empowering them through livelihood creation in small holder poultry. In addition to ensuring regular income by sharing all benefits among its members, the MPWPCL also assists its members in accessing loans.


Intellecap is a social sector advisory firm providing business solutions that help build profitable and sustainable enterprises dedicated to social and environmental change. Intellcap works with businesses, governments and investors to shape the way markets work for the underserved.

About this partnership

This partnership aims to improve the incomes of women poultry farmers in Madhya Pradesh. By entering a new market, producers will be able to improve their profit margins and increase their incomes.

Poultry is one of the fastest growing sectors in Indian agriculture. While there have been sizable investments across the value chain including breeding, hatching, and rearing, poultry processing and value-addition has been slow to expand. Over 90 per cent of chickens are sold live in Indian markets and only five per cent are currently further processed into chicken products. The price of processed meat is approximately 20 per cent higher than that of live birds but large capital investment and the need to establish linkages means this activity has been slow to start.

The MPWPCL has grown to become one of the largest producers and wholesalers of live poultry in India. By building a poultry processing facility, this partnership will enable the MPWPCL to expand into the growing processed chicken market, enabling increased employment opportunities and profits for its members. The model could be replicated by the National Smallholder Poultry Development Trust’s women poultry producer cooperative in other Indian States.

The MPWPCL will develop the processing facility and oversee its daily operations. Intellecap will develop marketing, branding and customer relationship strategies to support the MPWPCL launch the initiative in targeted markets. The BPP partnership provides an opportunity for DFAT to establish and strengthen relationships with key business and private sector actors in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

By building a new processing facility, the MPWPCL will enable its members to access a new market and increase their profits, thus improving their incomes. The MPWPCL is an affiliate of the National Smallholder Poultry Development Trust. If successful, this model could be replicated by the Trust’s women poultry producer cooperatives in other Indian states.


The majority of tribal groups in Madhya Pradesh live in rural areas, with more than 53 per cent living on less than USD1.25 per day. Poultry production is a good source of stable income for women as it allows them to stay at home while earning money.

By enabling MPWPCL producers – all of whom are women – to compete in the processed meat sector, this partnership will directly support women’s empowerment through increased profits and improved incomes. It is anticipated that improved incomes will enhance overall livelihoods enabling women control over their productive assets, improved access to finance, and a better standard of living.


*This partnership was extended from its original closing date of 30 October 2020.


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