Developing aquaculture for local markets

Developing aquaculture for local markets

COVID-19 Recovery Nepal Agriculture Active



Partner contribution

$ 550,500

DFAT contribution

$ 480,000

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Total Value

$ 1,030,500

Start: October 2021 - End: August 2024


Shreenagar Agro group

Shreenagar Agro group is an integrated agribusiness company in farm, feed and food. Shreenagar provides a “One-Stop-Solution” business model providing seed, feed, technical/managerial service, access to finance/insurance and market linkages, serving over 5,000  farmers primarily in livestock & Aqua.

Science Technology Engineering Maths Social Enterprise Learning

Science Technology Engineering Maths Social Enterprise Learning (STEMSEL) is an Australian NGO focused on eradicating poverty through the use of technology.


ThinkAqua is a British NGO specialising in aquaculture improvement and innovation.

Australian Government

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade works with international partners and other countries to tackle global challenges, increase trade and investment opportunities, protect international rules, keep our region stable and help Australians overseas.


About this partnership

A partnership to develop the market for Nepalese fish to benefit both producers and consumers. The partnership introduces new technologies to improve production and links farmers with value-adding services like access to market, finance and insurance. 


The fisheries sector in Nepal is vital to the country’s economic recovery from COVID-19. Nepal produces half the volume of fish per hectare compared to neighbouring countries of India and Bangladesh. Farmers have limited access to technology, inadequate feed and lack supply chain linkages. There is a mismatch between local supply and demand and post-harvest management is limited.

About the initiative

This initiative aims to develop the market for Nepalese fish to benefit both producers and consumers.  The initiative is introducing new technologies to improve fish production and link farmers with value-adding services like access to market, finance and insurance. Five market centres will be established to provide consumers with access to fresh fish, and farmers to high-quality fish feed.

Through the partnership, Nepali agribusiness Shreenagar Agritech’s fish feed plant will be scaled and training offered to fish farmers for better farm management. The initiative builds on a pilot, using innovative feed production technology and working with 500 fish farmers.

The partnership will work with women-led co-ops to increase female participation in the fishing value chain through training. With an expected 1,000 new jobs for women, the initiative supports women’s independence through economic empowerment.

Key contributions from partners                            

  • Shreenagar Agritech Industries acts as a one-stop shop to provide farmers with the training, resources, and market linkages to improve the supply chain for small-holder farmers.
  • STEMSEL provides its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to streamline farm operations and better manage feed.
  • ThinkAqua contributes its aquaculture management experience from the region to enhance the delivery of the initiative in the aquacultural sector.
  • Australian Government provides catalytic funding and can provide gender expertise to strengthen social and commercial impacts, connection to an extensive network, capability building on how to capture report social impact, safeguard standards and practices, national and global recognition.

Hear from our partners

“We are committed to bringing change in the agriculture sector of Nepal by introducing a high quality product, innovative technology and result-based services motivating the active participation of youth and women in the value chain. We follow climate-smart agriculture practices and see an opportunity for sustainable economic growth and improvement in livelihoods.” Moushumi Shrestha Director at Shreenagar Agro Group

“Our innovations in carp farming will make this sustainable production system work better for small-scale producers in environments challenged by climate change.” Anton Immink CEO ThinkAqua 

This partnership will create value and business growth for Nepal Fish farmers that will impact their earnings, education and future job opportunities for their families with technology and training to use the digital economy. Internet of things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) elements suit fish farming. Sensing water quality, waste levels, oxygen, etc will optimise conditions for better quality and quantity of fish. AI technology will help to automate making quality fish feed and alert fish farmers to environmental issues that might result in disastrous losses. Australian expertise “runlinc” disruptive technology increases gender equality by enabling anyone to easily monitor, automate and market their Smart Fish Farms. “Miro Kostecki CTO STEMSEL Foundation

This partnership was selected through the BPP’s 2020 Call for Partnerships to support COVID-19 recovery across the Asia-Pacific. 


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