Clean energy product innovation in Kenya

Clean energy product innovation in Kenya

Round 3 Kenya Resources and Clean Energy Completed



Partner contribution

$ 1,012,075

DFAT contribution

$ 499,601

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Total Value

$ 1,511,676

Start: June 2019 - End: August 2022


KOKO Networks

KOKO Networks is a technology company operating in East Africa and India, focusing on the last-mile distribution of clean fuels to urban communities. KOKO builds and deploys networks of cloud-connected “KOKOpoints” inside local corner stores, where consumers can access KOKO’s clean energy products and other services.

Australian Government

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade works with international partners and other countries to tackle global challenges, increase trade and investment opportunities, protect international rules, keep our region stable and help Australians overseas.


About this partnership

A partnership to scale a renewable bio-ethanol fuel solution for household cooking in Kenya.


Most households in sub-Saharan Africa cook with firewood and charcoal. Charcoal markets in Africa drive 2 million hectares of deforestation and 1bn tons of GHG emissions annually. Indoor-air-pollution from dirty cooking fuel kills two million people annually, half are children under five.

About the initiative

This initiative aims to scale a renewable bio-ethanol fuel solution for household cooking in Kenya. KOKO’s cooking solution consists of a low-cost two-burner cookstove that runs on liquid bioethanol produced by the local sugar industry. This clean fuel is retailed through KOKO’s Clean Fuel ATMs. These smart, cashless, web-enabled smart machines safely dispense the fuel into unique canisters that KOKO supplies with each stove.

Through the partnership, KOKO will continue to grow its customer base and improve its product offering. KOKO will extend the reach of its network by bringing KOKO Fuel even closer to customers, and thereby accelerate the adoption of clean fuel vs baseline dirty cooking. For households, the new solutions will enable cheaper access to energy, and drive major environmental benefits as customers transition away from dirty fuels.

Climate benefits

KOKO Fuel replaces dirty cooking fuel and reduces emissions. These emissions’ reductions are quantified and verified through a UNFCCC Clean Development Mechanism programme and then traded into global compliance and voluntary markets.  The associated revenues are used to provide major customer discounts on the upfront cost of the KOKO Cooker Kit, enabling adoption by even the poorest households, and creating an important advantage over charcoal and fossil fuel alternatives.

*This partnership was extended from its original closing date of 30 June 2021.


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