Clean energy product innovation in Kenya

Clean energy product innovation in Kenya

Round 3 Kenya Resources and Clean Energy Completed



Partner contribution

$ 1,012,075

DFAT contribution

$ 499,601

Icon Total Funds

Total Value

$ 1,511,676

Start: June 2019 - End: June 2021


KOKO Networks

KOKO Networks is a technology company operating in East Africa and India, focusing on the last-mile distribution of clean fuels to urban communities. KOKO builds and deploys networks of cloud-connected “KOKOpoints” inside local corner stores, where consumers can access KOKO’s clean energy products and other services.

About this partnership

This partnership brings together international technology company KOKO Networks with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to expand the range of clean energy appliances that can be served by KOKO’s existing bio-ethanol cooking fuel distribution network in Greater Nairobi. The partnership covers all phases of the new product development cycle:  user research, conceptual design, piloting, mass production, and market launch.

In line with KOKO and DFAT’s shared objectives, the partnership places strong emphasis on delivering significant social (including gender) and environmental impact through technological innovation. Products that are developed through the partnership will eventually be launched into markets across Africa.

The partnership will help KOKO accelerate the development of scalable and replicable new clean energy solutions for households in East Africa and beyond. For households, the new solutions will enable cheaper access to energy, and drive major environmental benefits as customers transition away from dirty fuels.


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