March 25, 2021

Section 9: How to report results

A guide to reporting results through the BPP’s impact measurement system.

What is an impact measurement system?

An impact measurement system (IMS) provides a common platform for BPP team and partners to track progress towards achieving the planned outcomes identified in individual business plans.

It is a tool to support impact analysis and learning. Our IMS is separate to the six monthly progress reports submitted through SmartyGrants. For more on the reporting please see this part of the Guide.

The IMS stores the following information:

  1. Maps the causal logic/pathways from business plan activities through to outcomes
  2. Links disaggregated indicators to each activity and outcome area to track progress
  3. Captures disaggregated targets, baseline and results data to support data analysis and assumptions behind the impact model
  4. Includes details of partner’s data strategy to enable timely and accurate collection and analysis of results data.

About the BPP's impact measurement system

The BPP impact measurement system captures partner’s impact model which describe the activities that must take place to achieve the business plan‘s projected commercial, social and environmental impact

Activities are linked to short, medium and long-term outcomes that describe the effect or these activities and contribution to the expected changes at each level

BPP IMS uses the same structure as the impact model in the Social Lean Canvas. Commercial milestones and metrics in the BPP partner‘s business plan will also be incorporated into the IMS using the same structure.

Coaching for partners

Individual coaching sessions (2h) are held to support partners to complete data requirements for the impact measurement system.

These sessions are held at the start of the partnership.

To review the content from your coaching session click here.

BPP Impact Measurement System_Coaching for Partners_April 2021

Technical support

For questions and support please email:

Or login to your BPP impact measurement system and use the Live Chat (Go to -> Manage Account -> Help Centre)

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