March 25, 2021

Section 8: How to report and measure impact

We ask partners to capture the progress and impact of their BPP initiative through:

  • Six monthly progress reports
  • End of contract report
  • Updating results in your Impact Measurement Plan
  • Impact assessments, as appropriate

Six monthly reports

The 6-monthly reports are submitted through SmartyGrants and the format will be available as of July 2021. The portal provides more detailed instructions on how to fill it out. In essence, we are asking you to present progress and challenges together with the financial position of your initiative. The financial report includes expenditure against budget and reallocations, where applicable.

Updating results in your Impact measurement Plan

Your Impact Measurement Plan is stored in the BPP Impact Measurement System (IMS). The Plan comprises the key indicators you identified against planned outcomes in your initiative. We ask that results data against your indicators is updated quarterly in the IMS.

Measuring your impact will help partners and the BPP to track progress towards achieving the planned outcomes of your initiative. Collecting data also offers an opportunity to reflect on progress, learn and adapt.

For the BPP, the data in the IMS helps us to review progress across all BPP partnerships and aggregate results to tell a bigger story.


End of contract report

At the conclusion of the partnership we ask for a final report.

End of contract reporting requirements are outlined in Annex E of the contract. The report is submitted through the SmartyGrants portal.

Impact Assessments

Where data may be difficult to source or partners wish to develop deeper insights into the impact of their initiative, an impact assessment may be included as part of the Impact Measurement Plan. Ideally, this should be planned and resourced during the inception phase of the BPP partnership.

Technical support

Download the Impact Measurement System Guide for Partners

For questions and support please contact the BPP team. We can help you login to portals and navigate your way around.

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