March 25, 2021

Section 5: Contract information

Essential information about your contract.

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What is a Collaborative Financing Agreement?

Recognising the collaborative nature of partnerships, contracts under the BPP are called ‘Collaborative Financing Agreements’ (CFA).

The CFA is entered into by the entity that will be legally responsible for results and financial accountability of the BPP initiative. This entity is referred to as the ‘contracting partner’.

Navigating the Collaborative Financing Agreement

The Collaborative Financing Agreement defines the respective legal obligations of the parties involved in the BPP initiative.

A summary of some key sections is included in the table below:

Item Explanation Where to find this in the CFA
Implementation dates The implementation of the BPP initiative should take place within the Term of the Agreement (CFA) Cover page
Funding contribution The CFA includes the approved total amount of funding from DFAT for the entire initiative. The approved overall budget for the initiative is included as an annex. Cover page and in Annex D (budget) and Annex J (Cost Sharing Contributions)
Cost-sharing contributions The CFA captures the total amount of funds (financial and in-kind) pledged by all partners. In signing the agreement, the recipient declares that these funds are in place and are available for the BPP initiative. Annex D (budget) and Annex J (Cost Sharing Contributions)
Payment Terms Payments to the partner are milestone-based, which means that funds will be payable only upon the completion of the relevant milestone.

Payments are made to the partner’s specified bank account. If this account changes, a CFA amendment will be required.

Payments are made in line with the agreed milestones and budget. These can be modified through a CFA amendment.

Annex B and C detail payment terms and modalities.

Annex D contains the milestone table and agreed budget.

Milestones (expected outcomes and deliverables) The milestone table details the expected outcomes and deliverables at key stages of the partnership. Completion of milestones is required to release the corresponding payment (if any). Clause 1 (Background and purpose) and Annex D.
Reporting Requirements Partners are required to provide progress reports. Quarterly progress reports are provided in the format agreed in the Ways of Working. Six-monthly reports are to be submitted in writing and to include financial reports. Financial reporting includes the expenditure of grant funds received to date and the total costs incurred to date for the initiative as a whole, as well as any forward-looking reallocation requests.

Final reporting requirements to be submitted at the end of the CFA term include some additional requirements.

Annex E and clause 8 (Monitoring and Evaluation).
Intellectual Property The recipient retains all intellectual property rights of all material of the initiative produced by the recipient or its personnel. The recipient is required to grant DFAT and Palladium a worldwide, perpetual, royalty free license to use the initiative materials. However, DFAT/Palladium’s right to use the initiative’s material is limited to any purpose directly connected with the funding. Clause 13 (Initiative Material and Intellectual Property Rights)
Record keeping Partners are required to keep comprehensive records of work completed under the BPP, including financial records and evidence of the achievement of initiative objectives and outcomes. These records support reporting but may also be requested by Palladium or DFAT at any time. Clause 7 and Annex E (Reporting Requirements)
Communications Partners should adhere to communications principles outlined in their Ways of Working document. At a minimum, partners should acknowledge all other partners (including DFAT) in public communications about their initiative. Clause 16
Contacts Fund Manager contacts can be found in the CFA Annex A (Details of Representatives)
Special Conditions In the negotiation of the CFA, special conditions may be included at the suggestion of either DFAT or the contracting partner. Annex F (Special Conditions)


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