March 25, 2021

Section 3: Advice and Services

A guide to BPP services that can support  your business and social impact goals.

Advisor support

The BPP can offer limited access to technical expertise to support the implementation of your BPP initiative.

This includes support from:

  • BPP Communications Adviser: to assist you to define communications objectives and strategy, provide communications training for staff, support for product development and PR advice. Business objectives we can support through communications: marketing (to add legitimacy to a new business idea through media and social media profiles), public relations and sales (to promote a business or product to customers), reputation (brand positioning as a responsible and inclusive business), sustainability (to help scale your activities and reach a wider audience), wider impact (to share non-sensitive learnings with others in your sector).
  • BPP Gender and Social Inclusion Adviser: to assist you to improve social impacts, particularly the impact on women and girls, and gender relations. Advice can be tailored to your specific business and at any point in your business cycle.
  • BPP Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager and Advisers: to support you with results monitoring activities, including data collection, analysis, tool choice, sample setting, and attribution. Support can also be provided for impact assessments, and on reporting results and impact.
  • BPP Business Advisers: to assist you develop and refine your business strategy. This includes ensuring business models are both impactful and viable, as well as addressing specific business constraints.
  • BPP Partnership Brokers: to assist you throughout the implementation period, particularly to navigate challenges between partners.
  • Other sectoral advisers upon request and where available.


Our advisers can support partners to:

  • Review workplans or strategies and provide feedback
  • Point partners towards relevant resources or tools
  • Support review of reporting and milestone completion
  • Provide technical expertise to partners

If you are interested in receiving support in one or more of these areas, please express interest to the BPP team and they will confirm if appropriate resources are available.

Example from our partners

In Bangladesh, a business dedicated to empowering women was provided with BPP advice and support to conduct a gender analysis.

A BPP partnership with DFAT, eye glasses manufacturer Essilor, health-promotion organization Grameen Kalyan and training consultancy, MART is expanding Essilor’s “Eye Mitro” (“friend of the eye” in Hindi) optician training program for rural youth in Bangladesh.

When the training program first opened in Bangladesh, few women enrolled in the program and those that did often dropped out before completing their training. The BPP encouraged and supported the partners to undertake a gender study to identify the barriers women face in the training program, and as practicing Eye Mitro.

The study found that one of the most significant barriers was a lack of family support, with families and community influencers expressing concerns about women working outside of the home and starting a business. This is now influencing the partnership’s approach to the successful recruitment and retention of female Eye Mitros, by involving families and communities directly in the recruitment process and by encouraging prospective students to meet successful female Eye Mitro, giving families and students positive examples of change.

One of the partnership’s female recruits shares her experience of the training:

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