October 2, 2021

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Partnership Profile: Cracking the coconut in Samoa

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BPP Full Application Process

Full application process

How to complete the SmartyGrants form

Please log in to your SmartyGrants account to complete the Full Application form. Please attach additional components (Social Lean Canvas, Business Plan, and Budget and Work Plan) to the SmartyGrants form.

How to complete the Social Lean Canvas

Please complete the Social Lean Canvas using the required template in PDF.

  1. Download a copy of the canvas here
  2. Follow the instructions in the document and fill the canvas in a PDF viewer (like Preview)
  3. Save the filled-in PDF and attach the completed canvas to your SmartyGrants form

Please complete the canvas with high-level descriptions for each section – don’t try to fit too much information into the canvas boxes. The canvas will be expanded upon in the business plan document, explaining your initiative in more detail.

What is the Social Lean Canvas?

The social lean canvas is a business modelling tool designed for initiatives aimed at generating social and/or environmental impact as well as achieving a financial return.  It is designed to help you describe the important parts of your initiative in a high-level way so that it can easily be understood. It is also the tool that we will use to support the coaching that will be part of the application process.

How do we use it?

The canvas comes with some simple written instructions and also with a detailed set of video tutorials. These will walk you through all of the key steps in the process. Links to the videos are below.

The canvas works through:

  1. The business, market, financial components that need to work for your initiative to succeed: your business model.
  2. What outcomes you plan to have on the community or the environment: your impact model.

The canvas will help you explain both of these in a clear way.

The impact section

The impact section of the canvas is going to help you refine a simple impact model for your initiative. This is designed to focus in on the primary social or environmental good that you are trying to achieve with your initiative. So make sure that you narrow down to your main impact focus for the impact section of the canvas. You have a lot of opportunity to outline other areas of social or environmental impact that you want to have in your business plan document, but for the canvas keep it focused on your main impact area.

How to complete the Business Plan

Business plans should not exceed 15 pages maximum and be submitted in PDF format and uploaded through SmartyGrants. The Business Plan template provides a suggested format as well as additional guidance of what can be covered in each section.

When you have completed the Business Plan, attach it to your SmartyGrants form.

How to complete the Budget and Work Plan Template

Please complete the Budget and Work Plan using the provided template.  Please note the template includes for reference a detailed budget sheet which is not requested at this stage, but which gives you a reference as to the level of detail to be required if your proposal is successful.

When you have completed the budget and work plan, attach it to your SmartyGrants form.

Support to complete the full application

As short-listed applicants you will receive support to explore your business model and present it in the full application format.


You will receive an invitation to a webinar to introduce the full application requirements and process and answer your questions.

Coaching to complete the Social Lean Canvas
  • You may view video tutorials for each section of the canvas (see below).
  • Partners also have access to an optional two-hour coaching session with experienced business coaches from the BPP and affiliated consultants. The BPP Team will be in contact to schedule this session.
    • We strongly recommend that you develop a draft canvas ahead of the BPP coaching session. That draft should be shared with your BPP business coaches ahead of the coaching session. During the two-hour session, the coaches will provide feed-back on your canvas.

Video tutorials on the Social Lean Canvas

These video tutorials will walk you through all of the steps to filling in your canvas. Below is a list of each video in the appropriate order.  Watch them as you fill in each of the boxes of your canvas.

One thing to note is that the videos use the term “social enterprise” quite a lot. Don’t worry if this isn’t familiar to you or if you don’t think your initiative is a social enterprise. Your initiative may not look like a business, or like a social venture, but the canvas will still be a useful tool to help to map it for this application process.

  1. Introducing the canvas – https://vimeo.com/302409231/a9358cff7f (please view this video before the initial webinar)
  2. Getting started – https://vimeo.com/302439041/62507b3605
  3. Purpose – https://vimeo.com/298559243/2b4afe9121
  4. Customer segments – https://vimeo.com/297287021/888d684e0d
  5. Problem – https://vimeo.com/297241093/00955fded0
  6. Unique value proposition – https://vimeo.com/298544215/1967311e15
  7. Solution – https://vimeo.com/298550255/a66a3adf67
  8. Channels – https://vimeo.com/297200209/80fa043d7f
  9. Revenue – https://vimeo.com/297191260/ec68110c2a
  10. Costs – https://vimeo.com/296780388/b3744a51ed
  11. Key metrics – https://vimeo.com/296777023/afa62b0f36
  12. Unfair advantage – https://vimeo.com/296713241/2458b0cd3a

Video tutorials on the Impact Model

  1. Issue – https://vimeo.com/336351629/1d9267551a
  2. Participants – https://vimeo.com/336356046/d9e188f6ef
  3. Activities – https://vimeo.com/336517034/1805f4993d
  4. Short-term outcomes – https://vimeo.com/336357500/9b76b0c1cb
  5. Medium-term outcomes – https://vimeo.com/336358576/2fbfd18db5
  6. Long-term outcomes – https://vimeo.com/336359250/6a9ccc4cdf
  7. Impact – https://vimeo.com/336343858/f16e085485

Gender and Social Inclusion

Additional guidance is available on the BPP website.


Please email applications@thebpp.com.au with any questions or requests for support.

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