February 25, 2020

Video: Scaling an affordable solar solution in Papua New Guinea

 “Having DFAT as a partner has allowed us to accelerate our access to the remote and rural regions of the country to ensure we get light to as many people as quickly as possible,” Jen Ramamurthy from Sola PayGo, an Australian-Papua New Guinean solar business, on what the BPP partnership has enabled her business to achieve. 

A rugged country with a dispersed population, Papua New Guinea is one of the least electrified countries in the world.

Through the Business Partnerships Platform (BPP), Sola PayGo is partnering with DFAT, payment services provider Bmobile, and solar manufacturer d.light to scale its business to bring affordable, clean energy to 2,500 remote and rural households.

Sola PayGo’s solar technology is tailored to local conditions and uses a pay-as-you-go model, enabling households that would not be able to afford the upfront costs of quality solar solutions.

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