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Video: Helping build sustainable tourism in Myanmar

With more than three million tourists visiting Myanmar in 2017, the country’s growing tourism sector presents an opportunity to create inclusive economic growth. The World Travel and Tourism Council estimates an 8.4 percent increase in visitors to Myanmar by 2025, making the sector the largest contributor to the country’s GDP.

While much of the tourism sector caters to the higher end of the market, there has been little focus on the growing demand for sustainable, local experiences provided by small-scale Myanmar businesses. Under the Business Partnerships Platform, DFAT partnered with Australian Volunteers International and the Intrepid Group to establish the Sustainable Tourism Hub.

The aim of the Hub is to enable small and medium sized Myanmar enterprises to capitalise on the increasing demand for sustainable, local experiences and develop products and services that Intrepid could include in their company offer. The Intrepid Group offers similar travel products in other countries, providing revenue-generating opportunities for local communities supplying accommodation, tours, and activities to small groups. This initiative is managed by AVI, building on its 30 years of experience supporting locally-driven initiatives to promote economic growth in Myanmar.

Here’s more about the Sustainable Tourism Hub, from the team that created it.

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