Latest News October 23, 2023

Gender Equality is Good Business

BPP has developed a Gender Equality Checklist for businesses, based on a review of global evidence on effective strategies, that is designed to help you evaluate your existing practices regarding gender equality, and provide a set of practical steps that your organisation can take to make a positive impact.

Why should your business invest in gender equality?

More and more businesses are recognising the value of gender equality in their organisations and are developing innovative strategies to ensure all employees feel valued and safe, are remunerated fairly, have equitable opportunities to contribute and be promoted, and are not discriminated against.

The business case for gender equality is clear, with research showing that gender equal organisations not only contribute to social and economic progress but also enjoy a range of business benefits. 

The Benefits of Equality

Are you ready to take practical steps to promote gender equality in your workplace?

 Check out the BPP checklist below (or download here) and form an action plan to improve gender equality in your business.

Remember, achieving gender equality is an ongoing process! It’s crucial to regularly evaluate and reinforce new policies and procedures, to ensure they continue to be effective and relevant.

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