Nepal home-stay business makes an impact

“Through their home-stay income, [local workers] can afford a good education for their children and manage household expenses. The women feel empowered now” says Geeta Pun Magar, Ayodhyapuri BZUC Community Homestay owner.

For the Chairperson of the Community Homestay, Mohan Bahadur Pun Magar, the impact goes beyond the tangible. “The homestay has helped give us an identity”, he says.

The Shivadwar Community Homestay in Nepal’s Madi Valley is the result of a Business Partnership Platform partnership with the Intrepid Group and WWF.

The partnership established a community-based ecotourism home-stay close to Chitwan National Park, creating alternative, sustainable livelihoods for the local community.

The project assisted 11 poor and marginalized ethnic households to start their new economic endeavour through homestay operation in Shivadwara village.

In a 2 year period of its operation, community hosted 13,156 guests (including 74 internationals) and generated 5.05 million NPR (AUD$ 63,188) revenue in total.

The home-stay has also provided a new cultural and eco-tourism experience to the visitors.

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